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About linear ball rails

Linear rail is manufactured high grade carbon steel

Linear Ball assemblies have the same load capabilities on all four main directions. Ball assemblies have a high torque capacity and have excellent low noise capabilities and outstanding travel performance

Linear rail systems are available with guides made of steel and also aluminium for reduced weight.

Linear rail comes in a variety of precision grades to suit all applications.

Linear rail can be supplied with super. high load, high precision runner blocks.

Linear rail is manufactured with mounting holes in the top and made with tapped holes in the bottom.

Wide rail is used when applications require high torsional moments.

Linear rail is available with plastic or metal hole plugs.

Cover strip on the rail can be held in place with either aluminium strip clamps, or plastic end caps, or in some cases – snap fit.

Corrosion resistant rail is ideal to use in the pharmaceutical and food industries. 

Amongst the many applications for Linear Rail assemblies are; CNC Machines, Robotics, Food processing and packing, Machine tools, Plastics machines – die casting, Printing, Semi-conductors, Woodworking machines, Pharmaceutical, Clean rooms.